Thursday, March 13, 2014

Awake Awareness

How aware and awake are you? Perhaps you could describe your daily activities, mention your name, profession, likes and dislikes, etc. Maybe you can share what you had for dinner the previous evening.
Is this awareness? Is this being awake? Do you know why you ate what you ate? While you were eating, what were you thinking about? Why?

There is a slim line between the performance of activities and actually performing an act without being pre-programmed to do that. You may be listening to the same radio station each day on your way to work. You just dial the station and let yourself hear what is being broadcast. Do you question what you hear? Or has the habit of hearing it, solidified it as true.

Something to ask yourself - why do we need to hear/know what celebrity wore on the red carpet? Why do we need to see commercials based either on fear or arousal tactics?
How do you respond when you encounter these? Do you automatically react, or do you choose to act despite what someone or something is trying to evoke within you?
Ask yourself- why did I just do this? Why did I just have these specific thoughts, and how aware am I while all of these other things are taking place around me (and inside of me).

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